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Sponsors / Supporters / Helpers

Our friends from Sydney who put on a raging show up north! Most of us generally go to both the Melbourne and Sydney parties.

Our friends from Brissy who put on a raging show way up north! It looks to be swapping between both parties atm.

Synchronisity Crew
Speakers, compressors, amps, sound system and cables gallore.
Synchonisty is a party-collective made up (mainly) demoscener-type people who love electronic music and fresh air.

Looking for more support :-)

We've decided to open this space up for anyone who might want to support us in 2014...

People who have helped us out in the past we send special greets to (in no particular order):

maz-sound.com : Have given us some amazing prizes in the past. Check out their demoscene related store :-)
main: Our New Zealand buddy who built the registration backend (and came over for Syntax 2008) Cheers!
cTrix: Founder of Syntax (with gaiaSword) and assists maintaining this site. Pays any additional costs after donations.
gaiaSword: Donated prizes for 2007/2008. He also donates the traditional winners "slab" of beer. Respect.
Jazzcat: Does general PR for the event, donates compo prizes and website maintenence.
4k: Limited edition Sega Chip classics on Vinyl (plastic wrapped ;-]), and heaps of other goodies.
Disaster Area: Prizes and additional donations. Also the supplier of much party hardware.
A Life in Hell: Has saved the party many times with spare hardware, flash carts and more!
ADAY : Works tirelessly in helping us with AV, setup and equipment. Many thanks!

There are plenty of other people who have donated funds, their time and (of course) their productions.
The full list would be very long. So a big combo Thanks to all!

Want to help the Syntax Cause?

If you want to party like it's 1989 then we would appreciate your sponsorship or support.
Product, cash, prizes or expertise... every little bit helps make Syntax more rockin' than ever!

Please mail us at info[hat]syntaxparty.org or check out the contact section of the site.