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Syntax Demoparty 2019 - Registration

By filling out the following details, you can add yourself to the Syntax party list and
provide us details which will help with organisation of the party (numbers, power, etc).

There is no official fee for Syntax, however donations to cover the
hire cost of the venue are welcome.



Handle (or name)

Country / State

The above information will be listed on the Syntax site. Everything beyond this point is kept confidencial.

The below information will not be published but appreciated for organising & logistics purposes. These help us immensely with power requirments, network access and party place configuarion.

Power Usage: What do you plan on bringing?

We will attempt to provide enough power for everyone.

Entries: What compos would you consider entering? (tick boxes)

DEMO - Oldskooooool
DEMO - Nuskool
Wild Demo (Browser / Mobile)
Chip music (SID/Amiga/Atari/Gameboy/etc)
Other Music (12 sec or Tracked)
Graphics Compo (3D / 2D / Pixel)
I will draw a stick figure drawing at the party

Demo Group: Are you part of a demo group?

Have you been to a demo party before?

How far will you be travelling for Syntax?

Food allergies: There will be some affordable (and yummy!) food available for purchase from the bar. To help us with catering, please list any food allergies here:


Standard privacy rules apply to your email. We will only send Syntax Party updates occasionally (2 or 3 times a year). We may contact you personally if there are any questions about your power / space / travel requirements.

To prove you are not a robot please describe the picture above (to the best of your abilility) what is going on. Which is manually screened! Feel free to also add additional comments, questions or greets in this box.

Thankyou! Your handle and state/country will be added to the list by clicking submit below. None of the additional details will be published or made public.

It might take 10 sec or so to submit (hang in there)
See you at the party!