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Welcome to the official Syntax Demoparty (Australia) website.

Syntax Demoparty '21 - November - Sat 27 / Sun 28

Syntax Yeah Naa is back for 2021! We will once again focus on a streamed event, with a small gathering of locals (see notes below!) Our party system / links will once again be hosted at Syntaxyeahnaa.com where you can Submit / Manage / Vote for enteries.

As a streamed event, we will once again welcome both international + local enteries.

Let us know you're coming - optional - but we'd love to know if you plan on hanging out:

I'm Coming to Syntax! (link to reg page)

Quick Covid note: We've waited until 6-weeks-out to confirm the local situation : Victoria should be 80% 16+ vaxx'd by Nov 5th - but restrictions are still in place. The official docs say "vaxed only" + "DQ4" so we'll measure up the venue and check, but it looks like we'll have room for 16 punters along with our 8 key staff. But this may change. There will be 5 large tressle tables (maybe more!) plus the usual arrangment of chill spaces spread across the wearhouse.

We have the Dreamlab booked (yay!) so will be coming at you from a familier place! If you are allowed to, pull a little crew together at your side and check in with us by posting in the Discord during the party. For everyone wanting to party at home (including international) we'll all be on the chat during the event :-)

Rest assured, in 2022 (our 15th Birthday) we will be back IRL and partying hard like it's 1989!

Checkout last year : 2020 official results and 2020 compo entries

Syntax is a mini computer and technology festival known as a Demoparty. These weekend events occur globally and bring together programmers, musicians, graphic artists and tech creatives together to watch and often present works of art in a digital space. A popular combination of all these skills produces a "demo" - or a realtime animation that combines code + art in creative ways. While much of this is about modern computers, it also can include arduino-style and homebrew projects, olskool computers from the 80's and 90's and pre-rendered animations, graphics and music.

Most importantly - things are very relaxed, everyone is welcome and it is a great place for people to be computer geeks of varying levels, graphics lovers or talk, musicians to talk software / chipmusic / tracker tools - everyone is into different things but we may as well all be in one room! (usually with a few beers later in the evenings).

Check out a short edit of some of the demo enteries from a previous Syntax party:


And also the Graphics enteries:

2012 years party was also awesome with a bunch of peeps of all ages and backgrounds. Checkout a video of TTT's amazing SID box and footage from the party at Syntax 2012 youtube vid.

Syntax demoparties (since 2006) have been a huge success and a rocking time for all. Melbourne, AU
Syntax Past enteries have featured a huge variety of technology - all together under one roof.


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