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Syntax hosts a series of competitions that anyone is welcome to enter.



Demo for PC / Mac / Console
Demo Oldskool computers
Demo of hardware / other

Pixeled graphics (oldskool) Pixeled graphics (nuskool EXE Graphics 8k (Include render
Animation (any style)
Black & White Photograph

Tracked (< 1MB)
Chip tune (<64k)
28 Second MP3/OGG/FLAC
- A member of your group does not need to be in attendance in person in order to submit your entry as 2020 is Online! But you should be in the Discord in the lead up to the compo in case we have any technical questions. All categories are remote entries - but you will need to log into the PARTYNET to upload.

Update: If you missed the sign-up, his up a SysOP on Discord in the PartyNet-support channel for access.

- Any submissions must be your original work and had no previous release at an event / internet.
- Any submitted work will be made available for free public download via scene.org and pouet.net
- Usual rules regarding content: nothing illegal, nothing racist / discriminatory, keep it an [MA] rating, etc
- You do not have to release your source code if you do not want to - but always welcome.
- In 2020, all categories are open to remote entries (including international)
- Upload entries using the PARTY SYSTEM at https://syntaxyeahnaa.com/
- If it's not uploading for some reason... use FTP / wetransfer / yousendit / Google drive share, etc.
- Please include: Title of piece, your handle, your country, & text for the projector slide. Thank you!

- Nuskool Demo : real-time playback on a PC / Mac / Console (100MB Zipped Limit). No caps. Must run live.

- Oldskool Demo : C64, VIC20, OCS, ECS, ST, AGA, Spectravideo & any other platform released 1993 or earlier.

- WiLD category: BYO hardware (Arduino / PIC, etc), Smartphone demo, browser based demo, hardware hack or anything else outside of all other categories. Even a graphical demo, game or you can present / explain the hardware. Uncertain, then it can be entered here!

Max duration is 10 minutes max for demos (including pre loader). Longer demos will be faded out at 10 mins.

All C64 demos will be executed via an 1541 Ultimate Cart from D64 or PRG unless otherwise requested. Let us know if you want a demo running from a real drive and we will make it happen. Please also spec 6581 or 8580 SID!.

Screenshots of some of the enteries from previous years.

BYO hardware (Arduino / PIC, etc), Smartphone demo, browser based demo, hardware hack or anything else outside of all other categories.

Even a graphical demo, disk mag, game or you can present / explain your hardware hack!

Uncertain, then it can be entered here!

All music is limited to a maximum running time of 4 minutes (except for the 28 Second Music compo). Longer tracks will be faded out. You can provide an MP3 / OGG file for public to download, but it will not be played at the compo. If you are unsure in what category your entry fits then drop us a line and we will sort it out!

- Tracked Music (1MB max)
... Includes: MOD, S3M, IT, XM, AHX, Madtracker, Musicline or OctaMED (no packed formats such as MO3)

The default player for IT, XM, S3M and AHX formats will be XMPLAY. Intepolation will be set to none unless spec'ed in the submission notes.
MOD and OctaMED files will be played on an Amiga 1200 in mono with the filter turned off unless otherwise spec'ed.

- Chip music (64k max)
... C64, Atari ST (YM), DMG Gameboy, Adlib, Sega Master System/Mega Drive, NES/SNES or other hardware / synth chip pre 1993.

Chiptune enteries must play from the real standalone hardware. Unrendered formats = disk image, PRG, SNG or ROM image. No MIDI or "chip sounding" VST MP3s. Tracks in LSDJ are accepted, but SAV file must be submitted (we have cart readers, etc). Chip crunched code (as long as it executes and decrunches on the hardware) is allowed.
We will have Commodore 64 available, with both 6581 and 8580 SID, a CPC, and a Sega Mega Drive. If you have other requirements please contact us. Because 2020 is a virtual event, please RENDER a version of your music to WAV, FLAC, OGG or MP3 we can play as a backup. Hardware cap is preferred. C64 enteries should be fine without a render.

- 28 Second MP3 / OGG / FLAC [open to international entries]

Should be 28 seconds exactly! Submit as a WAV file. Any technology / software can be used. One entry per person.
Please name your file so that it includes your handle!

If you are new to tracked music and are curious how it works and why it is different from nuskool production methods, cTrix^DA has written this introduction for tracking music for Amiga & C64. It is by no means complete, but should get you started.

Almost all tracking software is free, the formats cross platform and sports a relativly easy learning curve. The tracking community is traditionally very helpful to new comers & oldskool members alike.

3 Categories.

- Pre-rendered Animation (3D or 2D)

- Pixelled Graphics : C64 / PC / Amiga / any system!

- ASCii, Petscii and ANSI (native format, traditional or extended!)

- B+W Photo (less than 1MB JPG plz)

*Maximum running time for animation is 5 minutes.

- Tools / Diskmags / Musicdisks / Artpacks

If you have an announcment... be it a musicdisk, art pack, tool, util, diskmag - let the organisers know and we will give you the opportunity to launch it on the big screen.

Screen grab and short description requested.