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Welcome to the official Syntax Demoparty (Australia) website.

Syntax 2017 date:
25 - 26 November 2017.
North of the City!

As per tradition, drop us a note via the sign up, and we'll pop you on the door list. It's an event for all, but run in a private space of which we'll give you the exact location closer to the time. Closest station: "Regent Station"

For 2016 results see: http://syntaxparty.org/syntax2016results.nfo

Syntax is a mini computer and technology festival known as a Demoparty. These weekend events occur globally and bring together programmers, musicians, graphic artists and tech creatives together to watch and often present works of art in a digital space. A popular combination of all these skills produces a "demo" - or a realtime animation that combines code + art in creative ways. While much of this is about modern computers, it also can include arduino-style and homebrew projects, olskool computers from the 80's and 90's and pre-rendered animations, graphics and music.

Most importantly - things are very relaxed, everyone is welcome and it is a great place for people to be computer geeks of varying levels, graphics lovers or talk, musicians to talk software / chipmusic / tracker tools - everyone is into different things but we may as well all be in one room! (usually with a few beers later in the evenings).

Check out a short edit of some of the demo enteries from a previous Syntax party:


And also the Graphics enteries:

2012 years party was also awesome with a bunch of peeps of all ages and backgrounds. Checkout a video of TTT's amazing SID box and footage from the party at Syntax 2012 youtube vid.

Syntax demoparties (since 2006) have been a huge success and a rocking time for all. Melbourne, AU
Syntax Past enteries have featured a huge variety of technology - all together under one roof.



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